Sunday, November 8, 2009

more layers

Isn't this amazing!?

'This is an extreme closeup scan (2400 dpi) of a paint chip retrieved from the ruins of Belmont Art Park from a piture taken by Amy McKenzie earlier this year. The fragment is about 1cm thick, and appears to consist of about 150-200 layers of paint.'
- from here

Lately I have been looking at a lot of natural history illustrations, and scientific diagrams. I have become particularly obsessed with images of geological layers. I'm starting to play with some art ideas based on these images... it's kind of like a different perspective on the mineral subject matter of my little paintings - a much broader perspective without all the minute physical details. I want to try playing with some other media and to create something that is not necessarily photo-based. I have also been enjoying just looking at all the patches of colours mixed on my pallette through the process of doing my mineral paintings, and thinking how I'd like to play with those colours in a more direct way for a change, rather than manipulating them to the point of not seeing each colour for what it is. So, yeah... geological layers... layers of colours... umm... Ok, my first step now is to sharpen my pencil crayons. We'll see what happens.... 

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  1. that is so crazy awesome, it does prove that a room will get smaller if you keep painting it!