Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the heart beating wildly

My perfume obsession has entered the "obsessively browsing vintage perfumes on ebay" stage. In fact, I've taken a step beyond the browsing stage to actually make my first vintage and un-sniffed purchase. More about that when it arrives in the mail (or if it arrives? - apparently shipping perfume internationally can be risky business). The anticipation is killing me. 

My ebay perfume search has also led me to discover so many amazing vintage perfume magazine ads. This one for Guerlain's Chamade from 1971 is my absolute favourite so far. Possibly the best perfume ad I've ever seen.


  1. wow. that ad is intense, and so pretty! i wonder what chamade actually smelled like; i imagine it was a very deep, spicy fragrance. is this the one you've ordered? i'm so excited to hear how the ebay order turns out...i hope you love it. :)

    unrelatedly: when i was very young, my favourite perfume was called 'decadence' (not the newer scent from 2005, but an older one). my mum's friend brought a sample (from NYC!) and i managed to spill the whole thing. i've tried looking for it since, but i've found nothing. i'm pretty sure that's the scent that started my 'nose', though...!

    1. I've never smelled Chamade, but I'd love to try it some day. The vintage Guerlains are very highly regarded, but I haven't had a chance to smell any of them yet. If my package arrives safely I will get to try one of them! (although, not Chamade)

      I did a quick search, and it looks like you can get vintage Decadence on ebay!

    2. i somehow managed to not think of putting 'vintage' before 'decadence''re right, i found it right away, that way. clearly you are a professional! haha. :)

      i think this weekend i'm off to mjolk to try the andrea maack fragrances, since they've been tempting me from afar since john+juli posted that they carry them. i almost feel like having a perfume club, or perfume-smelling party, or would be so fun to smell other people's favourites, don't you think?