Tuesday, August 27, 2013

perfume interview

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Emily Whalen about my perfume collection/obsession for the Worn Fashion Journal blog. Photos by Paige Sabourin. You can see the full post here.


  1. I can't seem to get to the real article? I'll try again later, I didn't know you were obsessed with perfume. Well I guess it doesn't surprise me. I am also so in love with scents. You must have loved santa maria novella. my mom bought me the rosa room oil from there for my birthday. I love it.

  2. ah! this just reminded me i need to email about the frederic malle samples i desperately wanted! (i think i will be treating to a full bottle soon, if i like one of them.) i think it was you who mentioned him on your blog last year maybe? and then i mailed them but forgot to place the order (i'm forgetful like that). anyway...great article! i wish there was a shot of that balenciaga trio you mentioned... :)