Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm

I finally made it out to the Thunder Oak Cheese Farm this Christmas holiday, while in Thunder Bay. They make fantastic gouda of all kinds. It is a really charming place which also sells various imported Dutch foods and sweet Delft pottery. We couldn't get a tour that day, but I did buy a whole bunch of cheese, including a huge chunk of extra old gouda, which is definitely one of my favourite types of cheese. I also ate my weight in cheese curds. Apparently Thunder Oak gouda is available in Toronto at Whole Foods or several specialty cheese shops. You can also order it online directly from the farm and they can ship within Canada.

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  1. I had a whole wheel of Thunder Oak at my wedding and people went CRAZY for it. My lovely caterer actually asked to take home a wedge at the end of the night (and there was plenty left, so she was welcome to).

    Man, those cheese curds are the best I've ever had.

    While you CAN get it in Toronto, it's WAY cheaper to order it directly. Or get it shipped down via family (which is what we do). Or just visit when you're in T-Bay!