Friday, February 11, 2011

birthday #30

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I took the day off work, slept in, got my hair trimmed (professionally for the first time in over a year - yikes!), bought some yarn and started a new knitting project (more about that later, hopefully), and went out for an amazing dinner with Andrew at Atlantic. It was a perfect day. My parents had these flowers delivered for me - so sweet! And my Dad sent me this photo on facebook. I think I was about 5 years old? Notice the rad tent trailer in the background. I love it! It is mini-me! It's funny how I seem to look more like my young-child-self now than I did at any other time in my teenagehood/adulthood. I guess it's the hair.

I feel pretty good about being 30. I don't really see why people make such a fuss about this number. I guess I'm pretty lucky to feel happy about where I'm at in my life right now.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Carly! I love that photo of you! And the flowers are beautiful. I loved being 30 and kicking the 20's to the curb. I hope it's a great year for you.

  2. This photo is rad, you look like you're talking on a cell phone, which is totally weird since this was obviously taken in the 80's. Your art is the coolest.

  3. oh my gosh! that picture of you is ADORABLE! happy birthday carly! I hope I turn 30 as happily as you did!

  4. Happy Birthday! Wanna hear something funny? Today is my birthday! And today I turned 29! Too weird, huh?

    And what's even more funny: tomorrow, I am also celebrating by getting my hair cut.

    Oooh, I need to check out the Atlantic sometime soon, but tonight we are dining at Batifole, my favorite.

  5. Jane - Thank you! Yeah, I think #30 is going to be a good year.

    Liz - It does look like I'm talking on a cell phone! So weird. Thanks!

    Celine - Thank you! I hope your 30th is great too! Is it soon?

    Beth - Happy birthday to you!! I think hair cuts and good dinners are important parts of a successful birthday. Batifole looks great! I just looked it up. I'll have to try it sometime.

  6. Happy Birthday, Carly! I hope 30 is a great year for you! That picture of you is so cute and what beautiful flowers you've got there!

  7. Carls! Geez! That Photo! Ahhhh! It's making me giddy!