Friday, February 18, 2011

winter survival

A few things helping me get through February this year:

A new stack of Scandinavian/Nordic mysteries and Wallander on DVD - so good! 
I have ventured away from Sweden and on to Iceland and Norway. I'm savouring the last Wallander book now.
I haven't started the Jo Nesbo yet, but I've finished the three Icelandic mysteries by Indridason, and they were great.

Tulips from my valentine.

Beautiful old type drawer to display some of my collections (birthday present from my honey). 
Filling this up with tiny things will occupy me for a while.

Mail from far away friends.

Knitting my first baby sweater (for a cousin's forthcoming little one).

I've also been re-watching Veronica Mars, one of my favourite shows ever. So addictive! 
What has been helping you to survive this winter?


  1. I love that tulip shot!

    I'm not sure I've been getting through winter as gracefully. Lots of comfort food and PJ-nights!

  2. Thanks Jane! Tulips are my favourite. I don't know about graceful, but winter is not really so hard for me, since I have homebody (well... hermit) tendencies anyways. Cold weather just makes it feel more satisfying to stay inside and do the things I like to do anyways. And comfort food and PJ's are essential!

  3. i am also a big tulip fan, also did some post of tulips i bought myself (no valentine unfortunalty, hehe). winter in berlin can be pretty cold and snowy but there are always lots of nice places, like one 200 meters from my flat with a nice fire place .. also in winter, berlin opens lots of sauna places, one is built on the river, pretty nice. so winter are enjoyable .. even pretty long ..
    otherwise i very much like your blog, so peaceful :) keep on !
    here is mine if your curious

  4. hivennn - Thanks!

    Margaret - I buy myself tulips often - far more often than I receive them from my boyfriend. ha ha. I wish we had saunas like that in Toronto! I'm so jealous. And thank you for sharing your blog. I really like it!

    Anabela - Sonja sends the most beautiful mail!

  5. A whole stack of recommended reads! Oh boy. I'm going to be busy. :) Thank goodness we're into March now! February is so long for a short month...

  6. I can't wait to see that display shelf when you're done with it!

  7. I have read most of the books on your picture too - Scandinavian crime stories are the perfect winter read. Somehow I always like the Swedish one's best!

  8. ok, i know this post is from a ways back, but OHMAN do i ever hear you on the veronica mars thing. don't you wish there were more seasons? sigh.

    anyway, just found your blog, but have loved your gemstone paintings for a while now...gemology was my favourite class when i was studying jewellery design. i love how perfectly you capture the essence of the gem itself! :)