Wednesday, October 19, 2011

country weekend part 1: horse ride

This past weekend my BFF Alissa, her lovely friend Anna (who was visiting from Italy), and I rented a car and escaped the city for a few days. We started our little holiday with a morning trail ride at the horse farm where Alissa has been taking riding lessons. The morning started and ended with rain, but it miraculously stopped for the duration of our ride. It was my first time really riding a horse, and it was amazing. The misty countryside was absolutely breathtaking, with cool grey skies and the changing fall colours. I wish I could have taken photos during the ride! Riding was alternately calming and exhilarating, as I started to get comfortable on the horse and then we shook things up a bit (literally) by speeding up to a trot. We even did a little galloping - yikes. I really want to do it again!

This is one of the old retired horses wandering around on the property. She was really skinny and had burrs stuck in her hair, but she was still beautiful.

And this is Bear, one of the farm dogs. He was so sweet - aggressively affectionate (he even head-butted my camera when I was trying to take his picture because he wanted so badly for me to pet him). He followed along for our whole ride.

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  1. oh it looks lovely. horses are so amazing. and I love your new header as well.