Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flickering Flashlight

Photo by Celia Perrin Sidarous.

 Today is the official release of Adam and the Amethyst's new album, "Flickering Flashlight" on Kelp Records. I have actually been listening to it for many months already, since my brother gave me an early version when I was working on the cover art, and I absolutely adore it. Adam and I composed the image for the cover together, with various objects he and I have collected over the years. I photographed our composition and made a painting of it. Here it is:
The album (which can be streamed here or ordered here) has already received some great reviews and a cover story in the Hour in Montreal.

They will be playing here in Toronto tomorrow night, a few more shows in Ontario and the East Coast over the next couple of weeks, and in Brooklyn on Nov. 9th. The Kelp site has a listing of venues and dates.   

Aaaand... They also have a beautiful new video for one of my favourite songs (NSFW due to the skinny-dipping). It was made at Toronto Island by Yuula Benivolski.


  1. Carly, your cover is beautiful! (And so is the album. I can't wait to get a copy!) xo

  2. yay for the montreal love! they rule! and the album cover is just gorgeous.

  3. The cover is is so lovely & I loved both the song & the video. Do you know if they might head out west sometime soon?

  4. That is some seriously fabulous cover art! I'd buy the album just for the cover...although the music is pretty fantastic, too, so it's win-win. :)

  5. Thanks! I'm so happy you guys like it!

  6. This is amazing in so many ways! Congratulations to the band as well. I come to your blog because of a link on tumblr, but coincidentally did a project for a year of painting found objects (wrack-line.blogspot.com). Great to have discovered your beautiful work!