Monday, July 18, 2011


Oh man, it's hot in Toronto right now. I spent most of yesterday afternoon spraying myself with the hose in the backyard. Alas, today I must accomplish something, so I am going to try to finish this painting of fluorite. I love this specimen. The colour zoning inside (the stripes of green and violet) is so neat. This is the second fluorite specimen I am painting for my show. Fluorite is so frosty and matte compared to most of the other minerals I have painted, which have tended to be very shiny, crisp and clear. This specimen in particular looks very cool and icy, which makes for a strange sensation: staring something that looks so cold, while feeling so hot.

Oh yeah, and... kitten! (not mine :( but my upstairs neighbour's) It's a bad blurry nighttime picture, but I had to share his cuteness. He is dark grey (part Russian Blue) with matching dark grey eyes and a white tip on his tail. His name is Q Tip.

Friday, July 8, 2011

summer bunnies

On Tuesday of this week I had Sonja over for another bunny photo shoot. It was super fun, and man, somehow these little guys just keep getting better and better. These are two of my favourite shots. Sonja's in town from the Yukon to present her bunnies at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square this weekend. The show runs Friday through Sunday. If you are in Toronto, you should check it out! These bunnies should not be missed, and among the completely overwhelming masses of art and craft at the show, there is always plenty of inspiration and some real treasures to be found.