Monday, February 11, 2013

big love

I am so thrilled to share the happy news that my guy Andrew and I got engaged this weekend! He surprised me on Friday night when we got home after being out for dinner for my birthday. Well, it wasn't a total surprise, because we'd been talking about it for ages, and in the fall we started the process of having a ring custom-made. It was just a matter of when Andrew would officially pop the question.

I'm so happy with the ring, I wanted to share some pictures and give a shout-out to Meredith Robb, the talented jewellery designer who made it for us. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and she took my super-specific criteria and created a ring that is beyond anything I had imagined. I absolutely love it. The gemstone is an indicolite tourmaline that I picked up at a gem and mineral show I attended in September. I love the depth and sparkle of the grey stone, which appears more bluish or greenish depending on the light. I love that the band and setting balance delicacy and softness, with strength and precision. I love that it feels somehow ancient and yet totally modern; iconic but unique.

And I'm so so so happy to be marrying my love!

Friday, February 8, 2013

snow day


It's a snow day, here in Toronto, and I'm sitting at my table by the window working on a drawing, watching the flurries outside. I've been working out some new ideas, and since am not quite ready to share the results yet, I haven't had much to post about lately. I recently started a Tumblr page, which I initially intended as a secret spot to collect images for inspiration and pleasure, but I think I'm ready to share it now. Especially since it is so quiet over at this little blog. If you're curious about what I've got on my mind, art-wise these days (plus the occasional random obsession), have a peek. Hopefully my ideas and experiments will start to come together soon...