Saturday, July 25, 2009

garlic harvest

In November, shortly after Andrew and I moved into our new backyard-blessed apartment, Alissa gave me a few heads of garlic from her dad who grows garlic on a large scale in the Ottawa Valley. I split them up and planted them as soon as I could (mid November).

I harvested it this morning. With a few exceptions, most of the bulbs are small - beautiful and probably delicious - but much smaller than the monsters I used for planting. I think November may have been a bit late for planting. Also, they were planted in a funny spot beside the garage in the flower bed where they may not have had enough sun (The raised beds weren't built yet). Or it could just be the crummy summer weather. And, maybe I waited a bit too long to cut the scapes? hmmm... This autumn I will plant my garlic a bit earlier and in the raised beds.

Most of my veggies are not even ready to harvest yet, and I'm already getting excited for next year's garden. I'm looking forward to applying everything I've learned this year and (hopefully) get better results. And maybe next year we'll have better weather.

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