Sunday, July 19, 2009


... I accidentally went fabric shopping today. Now I have to make stuff. I have big plans: Some kind of sundress with the top printed cotton; a loose blousy sleeveless top with the second dyed cotton; a faux early nineties mini dress with a kind of poufy skirt and thin straps that cross at the back with the tacky black floral; and a short-ish full skirt with the heavy-weight woven coral-pink linen at the bottom. I'm not a very skilled seamstress, and I tend to get frustrated with sewing projects very quickly, but fingers crossed that I can see at least a few of these through to completion...


  1. Oh wow, where did you get the fabric? I adore the second one down! Your dream projects sound perfect.

  2. Thanks Anabela! I really hope something works out. I'm really much better at procrastinating than sewing.

    All but the floral are from 'Affordable Textiles' on Queen (south side near Augusta I think). They have a selection of different colour combos of that batiky one right at the front of the store in the same area as their African printed cottons.