Sunday, July 26, 2009

sewing success?

After a long long day, I have a new skirt. My sewing skills are rudimentary at best. My process involves a lot of staring at a pile of fabric on my lap, turning it in, out, in, out, pinning, unpinning, sewing, ripping out, re-sewing... I somehow have gotten the idea, that making a few things from store-bought patterns as a teenager with help from my mom (who herself is no expert) was enough to get me through making stuff from scratch without a pattern. My standard method is to make my own pattern based on my measurements, the measurements and apparent construction methods of one or two relevant professionally made garments I have in my closet, and some vague memories from patterns I followed when I was 17 of how things go together. Usually these projects are never worn, or are only worn a couple of times before I get too self conscious or they actually start to fall apart and I'm too lazy to repair them. Hopefully this skirt will fare a little better. I tried to be a bit more careful than usual with the finishing. It turned out a little shorter than I planned (this always happens), but overall it's pretty much what I was going for. The colour is a bit off in the picture. The fabric is more of a coral-pink in real life. I used some of my other new fabric for the insides of the pockets, and found a coral-pink pearlescent button that came as a replacement with a shirt I have, which just happened to be the exact matching colour (I have never made a button hole in my life - this button is purely decorative - the waistband is held together by a hook).


  1. wear it to the gallery on fri so i can seeeeee :-D

  2. geee-orgeous. is there anything that you cannot do? i think not. you do it all to perfection!