Saturday, November 14, 2009

mitten progress

My Selbu mittens have been going well. I ended up designing my own chart and tweaking the pattern a bit. I found the perfect buttery soft baby alpaca to knit them with. They are coming along slowly, since I'm working on a few projects at once. I've set aside these mittens for now, to focus on some Christmas presents I have to finish knitting first. I finished my hat recently - after finishing it once and ripping it all out and doing it over again with smaller needles because it was too big. I'm glad I did that, though, because the second time it turned out perfect. I'll have to take a picture of myself in it soon to post here.


  1. awww it's so pretty. now it's time to make me one!! I want... beige... red.... lol
    It looks great Carly, can' wait to see it in action!

  2. These are looking so pretty! I love the colours you're using. I can't wait to see all of your projects finished! (I'll check them on Ravelry!) xo