Monday, May 10, 2010

new header image... maybe?

I'm trying a new header image. Well, it's the same photo, but modified. Any thoughts? Is it too much? Too big? This reflected plant image thing is kind of a long standing obsession for me. (like this for example) I may change it back, or change it to something else, but let's try this for now.

 I changed it - but this is what it looked like:


  1. i love it! it's not too much, or to big. i think the best part about it is that it's big! it's refreshing to see a squarish photo image on a blog as opposed to hundreds of long type-based ones :) p.s do you sell your work anywhere online?

  2. Hello,
    we´ve just opened a space for those who like to spend time being creative and meeting people with same interests while visiting a different country: a residence for illustrators and crafters in Spain
    we hope you like it!

    We will keep updating news and workshops in the site :)

  3. I like it, it's really cool! your blog is so lovely (: