Monday, August 16, 2010

camping: breakfast


  1. this is TOTALLY unrelated, but do you know what shirt your friend's wearing? I'm really digging the lettering and drawing's shading...

  2. Megan, the shirt is a Junction t-shirt and I think you can pick it up at Big Daddies DVD in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto (or maybe it's at Wisedaughter's Craft Market?) Anyway, shout out to the Junction!

    Carly, it's funny how a few close up snapshots of camping can stir memories! As an adult, I have yet to "rough it" and doubt I'll ever have the opportunity...

    Juli (mjolk)

  3. cooking outdoors is the greatest.
    your breakfast looks divine.

  4. Megan - Juli's right - Andrew got his shirt at Big Daddy's in the Junction. I think they still carry them. It's his favourite shirt!

    Juli - Yay! The Junction is the best! And you don't need to 'rough it' since you have a beautiful cottage to use! I've been spending some time at cottages this weekend/week and they sure have their advantages compared to sleeping in tents.

    Ashlee - It's funny how everything tastes better cooked outside on a fire!