Saturday, November 17, 2012

beautiful science

Hello! I'm sorry for my long absence here. I've been keeping busy, trying to dig myself out of a slump. A big part of this process has been finally fixing up my studio space (in our dining room). I'll post before/after photos once it's all finished, but for now here's a peek at what it looks like today, as I spend some quality time with my new microscope(!). As far as the previously mentioned slump goes, things are looking up. I think I may have made a small breakthrough today. I have been finding it really difficult to loosen up and be experimental in my art-making, but to approach it from more of a 'science experiment' angle is opening up some really exciting possibilities.


  1. Wow I would love a microscope like that. Does it connect to your laptop so you can draw from the specimens photos?

    We all have our art slumps now and again, boy do I do I know it myself. I'm looking forward to seeing your next line of work.

    1. Hi! Actually, I have an adapter that fits onto that metal tube coming from the top of the microscope, which I can directly attach my DSLR to. The whole microscope becomes my camera lens! Pretty exciting. The camera is not in the picture because I had to take it off the microscope to use it to take the picture. haha

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  3. Carly, I'm so excited to hear more! I'm getting through a slump of my own. It can be tough sometimes, and so daunting! But I'm happy to hear that things are happening for you. It'll be great to see the results! (A newly refreshed work space always helps, too!). xox

  4. It really is hard! I got so settled in my process, that I sort of forgot how to really be creative. It feels so good to finally be making progress. Such a relief! Can't wait to see what you've been up to too! xo