Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Courtship of Caroline Stencill

My Grandpa Orval (Orie) played banjo at the dances at the hall in Alice (a small town in the Ottawa Valley). My Grandma (Caroline) went to those dances and Orie would always get to skip out of playing one song with the band to have a dance with her. Along with the old photos of my Grandma's that we found at my Aunt Karen's house, we found a pile of old letters my Grandma had received from my Grandpa before they got married. They are unbelievably wonderful to read. Especially not ever having had the chance to meet my Grandfather. They show so much of his character and tell a big part of the story of how they got together - a courtship that lasted several years. I actually see a lot of my Dad's personality in these letters. I won't post much of them, because they are so personal, but here is an excerpt from May 31, 1938. *NEW HIGHER RES LETTER POSTED - IT'S MUCH EASIER TO READ NOW*

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