Friday, September 11, 2009

friday girls

Today Alissa and I had some business to attend to at the old studio, then we went for a beer and lunch. Then we called up Sonja and met her for coffee. Then Melinda walked by! Then we went to Value Village and I found some good stuff. Happy day!

photos of me taken by Alissa

Alissa on the phone making plans to meet Sonja.

At The Common

Alissa's feet





  1. carly, you are so pre-raphaelite! beautiful photos/blog & congratulations on selling those pieces. i bought them. secretly. wish. where are those gardens??????? (previous blog entry?)

  2. thanks sonja! Gairloch Gardens is in Oakville. That's where Oakville Galleries is. I hate how all those places have plural names even though they are singular places. That makes it really awkward to write sentences about them.