Saturday, June 26, 2010

Adventure with ROCKS

How fun and exciting!
 From here.


  1. Aaaaw! So fun!
    Santa never brought me one :/ lol
    I wanted this one:

  2. this reminds me of a pet rock (

  3. so awesome! i LOVE vintage games!

    xo Alison

  4. I love that two kids sitting at a table looking at rocks qualifies as an 'adventure'. That totally would have been my idea of fun when I was a kid (and it still is). You would have been much more likely to find little Carly crouched down looking at little things on the ground than running around climbing trees and stuff.

    Lorena - I always wanted a rock tumbler! I remember seeing them in the Sears 'Wish Book' (christmas catalogue) every year, and dreaming of having one. Santa never brought me one either.

    Kat - cute! But the pet rock fad was before my time (and yours) so I never had one, at least not a brand-name one.

    Alison - fun eh!? As much as I loved making my own collections as a kid, I also really loved collection kits. I had a pre-fab rock collection similar to this (but minus the 'adventure' part) and it was always one of my prized possessions.

  5. the Sears Christmas Catalogue!!!!!!!!! oooh nostalgia...
    I had marked the Tumbler, some Lego, and the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine :P I got the Lego! hahaha