Monday, June 21, 2010

jumper romper onesie?

A while back I posted about some summer fashion I liked, and mentioned a jumper I picked up last year at a thrift shop in Thunder Bay which I hadn't worn yet, partly because it was winter, and partly because I was a little nervous about pulling it off. Well, I wore it today for the first time (only around the house and to the grocery store) and I am pretty sure I don't look like a mom from 1991 (my mom from 1991) or a phony hipster. I think it's pretty cute and summery. I had Andrew take an awkward picture of me wearing it. I probably should have put on some shoes... And I propped the camera up on the couch to get this detail shot.

The detaill shot shows the fabric better. It is a super lightweight perfectly worn-in cotton with a slightly linen-ish texture. And there's my new coral-red nail polish that almost matches my new coral-red lipstick (I'm kind of loving this particular colour being matched on the lips and nails). I think that pop of coral really helps to make this jumper look more contemporary.

I have to say that I have serious respect for you girls who regularly post personal style self portraits. You guys always look amazing and I love looking at your photos, but seeing my own I feel like a total goof. I'm sure some of you have the same camera-shy tendency I have, and I really appreciate that you are able to get past this because I really do love to see your outfits and be able to match your pretty faces to the words I read on your blogs. I probably won't be doing many of these kinds of posts, but we'll see. If I'm feeling particularly interested in something I'm wearing, maybe it will happen again? I can get pretty excited about clothes, but I generally don't think what I wear would be remotely inspirational to anyone else. In this case, I guess I'm mostly just curious about what you guys might think of my borderline-frumpy jumpsuit...


  1. I feel the same as you, in terms of being camera shy. I also am not sure how those ladies have the time and energy to put such thoughtful outfits together every day! I tend to be pretty simple and basic with my wardrobe, apart from the handful of special pieces that I invest in. As for your jumpsuit, I think it's sweet and playful! I love one pieces - the only downside being, that you have to strip completely down whenever you have to use the restroom. It can get a little chilly!

  2. Gosh I spent the whole time reading this and wondering
    if the image of the 'jumper' didnt load properly
    cause in australia we call jumper
    what you call a sweater.

    I though; 'cute jumpsuit
    love the stripes and buttons
    now wheres the jumper?'

    cute post..yay to your summer days in your lovely outfit..

  3. I think you look amazing! It really suits you. I love the cotton fabric and the colours. I think that on some people it could look really obnoxious but you've kept it so simple and pretty!

  4. yes, you do resemble mom circa 1991, minus the perm. but i have to say, fabulous!

  5. You look lovely. the colours are so dreamy.

  6. It's absolutely gorgeous and you look really nice in it! (Why doubt that? You are a pretty woman!) Reminds me of a silhouette from the final project of a Belgian fashion design student (for whom I took pictures recently):,464135,279,3a42574b7913a01fa166aab3c1e0c2864dfcde51/seraphine_d_oultremont_ca10_0007.jpg
    Needless to say this was my favourite! I would totally have thrifted your jumper too.