Wednesday, July 28, 2010

family weekend

Here are some photos of this past weekend with my brother Adam and his lady Miranda and her sister Laurel. In addition to many fun times that I neglected to photograph, we had a lovely brunch at Saving Grace and an afternoon BBQ (pizzas!) in my backyard with our cousin Steve and his wife Lisa and their perfect baby boy (Max, of the owl hat). Yay for family!

...waiting for a table...

mmm... fried trout tacos

Cousin Steve and Adam barbecuing pizza.

Laurel, Miranda, Lisa and Max.

Max and Lisa

What a handsome little dude.

I highly recommend barbecuing pizza. It was sooooo good. Definitely the best pizza I've ever made at home.

And watermelon for dessert.


  1. yum.. looking forward to warmer bbq weather here:)

  2. You know, it's so funny. I have been hearing about you forever (I read design blogs where Coe and Waito is very popular) it didn't occur to me (even after I started following your flickr and blog) that the name Waito should be familiar.

    I have actually met Adam, because he (and you I think) is a good friend of all my husbands friends from home (TBay of course!). We went to a Telefauna concert in the Trinity Bellwoods house, with friends from Van who were visiting (Rob and Kirsten? I don't know if you know them) and out for drinks after. Your brother is sooooo talented! It must run in the family ;)

    Sometimes I think only the best things come out out of the Thunder Bay. Like my lovely husband.

    BTW I saw the pizza first on flickr, and it looked incredibly yummy. We just bought ourselves a nice barbecue this year, and I've been craving pizza so I'll have to try it (especially since it's still too hot to bake).

  3. Hi Beth! I was at that concert, so we probably did meet. I had to look at your website/flickr to figure out who your husband is: Liam! I remember Liam. We didn't know each other well, but I'm good friends with others in that crew (I know Rob and Kirsten better). Yes, Thunder Bay-ites seem to be a pretty special bunch. And we have a tendency to connect with the best people from other places too ;) It's nice to meet you again!

  4. were those tacos from saving grace? i haven't been in a long time...they look fantastic.