Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kakabeka Falls street fair

One highlight of my recent trip to Thunder Bay was a quick visit with Adam and Miranda to Kakabeka Falls (a little town and provincial park just outside of Thunder Bay) for its annual street fair. It seemed like half of Thunder Bay was there. There were cars parked along the side of the highway in a long line leading way out of town. I regret not getting a picture of that.
I kind of wanted this turtle footstool. Pretty cute.
Miranda and Adam posing with my favourite signs in town. 
Kakabeka Falls is full of small family run businesses, many of which have been around forever and have awesome signs. 
I guess this is the kind of juxtaposition you see in a small tourism-based town. There is a mineral shop in the laundrymat. I got some nice stuff from here. It was a surprise to see more than just amethyst, which is in every gift shop in Kakabeka or anywhere near Thunder Bay.

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