Thursday, September 16, 2010


Back in Thunder Bay I got to spend some time with my childhood best friend Sarah. She's really more like family. The kind of best friend you can't remember not having, and can't imagine not being close to forever. 

We went to her family's camp on Lake Shebandowan, just the two of us, her dog Tank (my favourite dog in the whole world) and her guinea pig Steve. We walked in the woods, took pictures of beautiful sun flares and mushrooms, collected moose bones, red books in hammocks, went sauna-and-skinny-dipping, made homemade macaroni and cheese, ate strawberry rhubarb pie my mom made, listened to the handful of old records her family keeps out there (primarily Fleetwood Mac - Rumors and the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack) and she taught me how to sail for the first time (so fun!). It was perfect. Like, really really perfect.

I think Tank and Steve deserve their own dedicated post, so that will come next.


  1. What a perfect cottage outing! You guys sounded busy! (I would've ended up focusing more on the hammock and mac n' cheese side of things)

  2. Sounds like heaven. What a darling best friend you have indeed.

    And that wee trailer in the last picture? That looks suspiciously, gloriously, most unexpectedly like a SCAMP. Please advise.