Sunday, October 11, 2009

adam & the amethysts

My little brother Adam (who is not so little) lives in Montreal and has a band called Adam and the Amethysts (he also plays in Miracle Fortress and Telefauna, but the Amethysts is his solo project and my personal favourite). He is playing a show here in Toronto next weekend on the island. I love his music! You should check out his album Amethyst Amulet. A few songs can be previewed on his myspace page. I concur with Now Magazine who wrote of his songs, "They meander quietly through ethereal psychedelic moments and a Neil Youngish understanding of the lyrical details that fill a songs with endearing personality. At 13 songs, Amulet could go on a while longer and still remain a beautiful piece of contemporary Canadiana.'

He also just started a great blog!

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