Thursday, October 29, 2009

ceiling lights

Anabela's givaway got me thinking about new ceiling lights for our dining room and bedroom. The fixtures in our apartment are awful - especially the dining room - think shiny fake brass, frilly edged frosted glass shades with many too-obviously visible twisty compact fluorescent bulbs. Since I probably won't win the Tord Boontje light from Anabela, I have started looking around again at my options. I've looked around before and found NOTHING that I like and can afford. It turns out that Ikea has a few new lights that are very good! I'm leaning towards VĂ„VA (the second one) for the dining room and MASKROS (the first one) for the bedroom. I first saw the dandilion puff-ish one on UNGTBLOD and thought, 'Why don't we have that at Canadian Ikea? No fair!' Well, now we do. Maybe I should ask Santa Claus? or maybe Andrew and I should get one to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of living together (Nov.1st). That's a good excuse to buy something for the house, right?

If money was no object, I would choose the 'Stamen' light from NicheModern in the colour 'smoke'. I've been swooning over these lights for a long long time.

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