Thursday, October 15, 2009

selbu mittens

I've fallen in love with traditional Norwegian knitting patterns - especially mittens. I'm about to start my first pair this weekend. I've never done any colour work knitting before, so it will surely be a challenge.

Image 1 - from here 
Image 2 - from the Selbu Folk Museum.
Image 3 - from the book Selbuvotter: History of a Knitting Tradition, which is on my wish list. 

Look at this Selbu troll monument in Norway!


  1. These are my favorite style of mittens! I had a pattern ( ) picked out, but I have so many mittens already! If I make them, I'll make them as a gift for someone...

  2. Oh these are my favorite! (found your blog from Anabela) That troll is so goofy.

  3. Yay! I have a couple pairs of these from my Norwegian (-American) grandma, although I can't find them this winter... They're also super warm. I wish I could knit...

  4. Those mitten are just amazing! Now I really want some. Thank you for sharing beautiful things on your blog.

  5. These mittens are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them!