Tuesday, December 8, 2009

amethyst 2

This whole 'one painting a day' thing is kind of silly, since most of them are on the Narwhal website, and on Design*Sponge today (thanks Grace!), but I'm going to stick with it anyways.  Here's Amethyst 2 ~ oil on masonite ~ 5.5" x 7".


  1. absolutely gorgeous! love these soooo much.

  2. oooh, this one's my favorite! soooo far...

  3. Absolutely gorgeous how can this be bought? Saw you on Dear Ada a daily painter

  4. Thanks so much!
    Stephen - As far as I know, this one is still available from Narwhal Art Projects where it is in an exhibition until Jan 10. I think it can even be purchased through their shop website: http://www.magic-pony.com/products/Amethyst.html

  5. Carly, these are just MARVELOUS.

    I've been seeing your work around the internet and finally found your darling blog, and I'm just mesmerized by your paintings. For some reason I thought they were on a massive scale! Your have a such a deft mastery of the medium, and the paintings are still "painterly" while still maintaining a certain appealing depth-of-field photographic quality. Just gorgeous!

    I'm a 27yo painter living in Joshua Tree (in the desert east of LA) looking for gallery possibilities...has your experience at Narwhal been positive?

    Well, congrats on a truly lovely, compelling body of work, and hope 2010 brings you nothing but happiness and success!

    xo lily