Wednesday, December 16, 2009

new boots

ok. so... I just made my biggest Etsy purchase ever. I think they were worth it. I don't really NEED new boots, but aren't they lovely? I've sold a few paintings this month, so I feel like I can afford to treat myself.

I think this purchase is a sign that my woven leather obsession is officially out of control. Not long after buying my woven leather tote (which I love), I decided I also needed a small bag for nights out and other times when I don't need to be carrying a ton of stuff. So I got this one. I love the woven strap and how it attaches to the bag through one grommet on each side diagonally across from each other (you can only see one grommet in the picture, but you get what I'm saying right?).


  1. In another browser window I'm searching Etsy for a fake fur coat. I already have one, but you know. Can never have too many coats -- or so I tell myself! I noticed the tote the other day! It's so nice. The boots are great!

  2. the boots are gorgeous! i have a braided yellow leather belt that i love.
    i have been trying to find an e-mail for you, i was wondering if any of your paintings are still for sale. i was also wondering if you mind if i post them on my blog. your paintings are so beautiful i can't get them out of my mind!