Tuesday, December 8, 2009

more christmasy

I picked up a little potted Christmas tree on Monday (literally picked it up and carried it home - my arms hurt a little today). I also did a little more decorating around the mantle and doorways with some paper snowflakes Alissa and I made to decorate for our birthday party last year. I made some new little ones with patterned origami paper for the tree, as well as some tiny origami cranes. The copper glass balls are from Andrew's grandma and the red and white egg shaped glass ornaments are from Ikea. I love their Swedishy Christmas stuff. The paper I wrapped around the tree's ugly plastic pot is the same pattern. I improvised a gold cellophane pompom for the top. My favourite thing on the tree is the popcorn garland. The only problem is that the tree smells more like popcorn than like a tree.

1 comment:

  1. Your home looks so cozy. You guys have mad paper snowflake skills, wow!