Monday, January 4, 2010

NOW online profile - a bit late

I just realized that I never did post a link to this artist profile that was done of me by Sara Titanic for NOW Magazine's website earlier in December. I've really enjoyed Sara's profiles of other Toronto artists, and it was truly a pleasure and an honour to do this with her.

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  1. Carly
    I enjoyed your blog very much. Your paintings of crystals are really beautiful, congratulations. I was in Thunder Bay in August and bought myself some Mari Mekko fabric and some ittala wine glasses so I understand what you are talking about - can't resist Finnish design. I am 50 percent Finn by the way - my dad came over when he was 5. My friend Barb Sprague (artist) and I went to the Hoito for breakfast 3 days in a row - we stayed in the Prince Arthur. I love your blog and will return. Thanks for keeping it up - I like the way you've decorated for Christmas too.