Saturday, January 16, 2010

second hand retail therapy

Thank you to those who commented on my post yesterday. The best cure for that kind of blueness is to be reminded how common it is to feel that way once in a while, and to be reassured that it's okay to be lazy sometimes. Your comments really helped me to just chill and enjoy my day.

I did take a walk. When I'm walking alone I like to have a destination in mind, so I ended up walking over to the nearby Value Village. I find second hand shopping pretty therapeutic - especially when I'm alone and can really take my time. I found a few great little things, but not so much that I felt guilty buying a bunch of junk that I don't need, so it was the perfect little pick-me-up.

I got some groceries on the way home from VV and made myself a big bowl of my favourite comfort food pasta (this recipe on Orangette but with arugula added: yum!). In the end, they day wasn't so bad. I never did do anything very practical, just indulged in some unnecessary shopping and ate some rich food, but if you're going to have a lazy day, you might as well really try to enjoy it right?

This little octopus book was one of the treasures I found. It has fantastic illustrations and a great story - very detailed descriptions and a simple narrative style. I especially love the last paragraph on the last page (the last picture below).

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