Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wood wood spring

This collection from Danish brand Wood Wood is my main spring/summer wardrobe inspiration at the moment. I'm starting my wish list: old relaxed jeans with rolled hems, a loose blazer, silk blouses, simple light cotton dresses that aren't too girly (I hope to make some)... and I've already found some frumpy shorts.

I love the pink jumpsuit. I bought a jumpsuit from a thrift shop in Thunder Bay at Christmas, and haven't yet decided if I can pull it off. It is pretty similar to the one in this picture actually. Well, maybe a bit more like something my mom would have worn in 1991, but it fits perfectly and only cost about a dollar, so I couldn't resist. But it may be a bit to hipster for me. Maybe I'll take a photo of me wearing it, and you guys can give me an honest opinion. It is very much a summer garment, so I still have some time to decide if I want to wear it in public - although I guess modeling it on this blog would be pretty public ;)


  1. such nice stuff! i have been spring clothes shopping lately & found a pair of frumpy shorts too. so comfy!

  2. I came back to look at this because it's so pretty. You could 100% pull off that pink jumpsuit -- you could pull off a paper bag, girl. If you had an asymmetrical hairstyle it might look a bit hipstery, but I think on you it would just look great! Just like on this model. Honest!

  3. aw thanks anabela! And I won't look entirely like my mom did in 1991 either, because I don't have a poufy perm. ha ha. I'll have to give it a try when the weather gets warm. Plus, I think my new shoes will help it to 'work'.